4 Tips for Throwing a Black Light Party

June 23, 2015
Black Light Party

4 Tips for Throwing a Black Light Party

Black light rental equipment can be used to hold a wide variety of events from raves and discos to Halloween and birthday parties. Glow-in-the dark events are still quite novel and unusual, so your guests will enjoy attending a party with a difference! Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or something for the adults, black light events are popular with all age groups. In this article, we give you some pointers on how to hold a truly awesome black light party.

  1. Use a pitch black room

  2. For optimal results, host your party indoors in a pitch black space. Ideally, the only source of light should be coming from your black lighting. The darker the room is, the better the effect will work For this reason, nighttime events are ideal. If you do opt for a daytime party then make sure to cover up any windows to block out incoming light.

  3. Install fluorescent or neon objects around the venue

  4. The most striking effects will be seen when you place fluorescent or neon objects around your venue. Make sure to choose utensils, glasses and tablecloths that will glow under the black light.

  5. Provide glowing beverages

  6. It’s actually very straightforward to make drinks that glow under black lighting. The secret lies in adding some tonic water to your cocktails or soft drinks. If you are concerned about the flavor getting watered down, there’s no need to worry. Just add enough to produce the glowing effect. A little bit of a tonic water will go a long way to creating a truly dazzling beverage!

  7. Make your food glow too !

  8. You can also provide food that will glow under the black lighting. For example, making cupcakes or cookies with a neon frosting base will cause them to glow under the black light. This is an easy way to keep things interesting for your guests.

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