May 5, 2014
Light Rentals

Using Light Rentals to Change the Look of Any Event

There are many ways to throw a memorable party, but exceeding expectations is the best method in existence. We have the missing ingredient for your upcoming event. From laser light rentals to black lights and LED displays, you have a variety of tools to put to work and create a lasting impression on any audience. When you have the right visual display, there are few things to stop your party from being a hit.

How can LED light rentals change the game at an event? You can customize the colors and patterns of the lighting available to suit any crowd you expect. Party planners use these tools when they want to add a unique aspect to parties held in familiar places. If you are renting a space from a school or municipality, black light rentals and other visual changes can make your guests forget where they are. As you probably know, creating an image of an alternate reality is the best thing a party planner can do.

January 5, 2013
Blacklight Dodgeball Games

Blacklight Dodgeball is the Latest Craze!

Blacklight Dodgeball games are picking up in youth groups, schools, intern-murals, and family fun centers around the nation. With basic fluorescent balls, some neon tape for court lines and creative uniforms out of white shirts and fluorescent highlighters, anyone can take dodgeball to the next level.

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