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May 15, 2014
Snow Machine Rentals

Frozen Themed Parties

Frozen Themed PartiesWhen you think of Disney’s Frozen, what do you see? Surely the first thing that comes to mind is the films snowy expanses. Frozen centers on ice and snow as much as it does on its characters; the film’s stunning rendering of harsh winter weather won it praise from critics and fans alike. If you’re planning to throw a Frozen theme party and you really want to make it memorable, there’s one surefire way to do it: Adding snow.

Snow Machine Rentals Add Life to Your Frozen Party

blank extreme entertainment snow machineCreating snow from thin air isn’t just a talent of Elsa, Frozen’s magical princess. It’s also something you can do on your own by renting a cutting-edge snow machine. At Blank Extreme Entertainment, we offer professional artificial snow equipment that creates beautiful, atmospheric snow that looks almost identical to real falling snow. Set the machine up and fill it with the included fluid and you’ll be ready to turn your backyard into a real-life recreation of Frozen’s Arendelle.

Snow output can be adjusted to your liking, allowing for everything from a light flurry to a serious blizzard. Once you’ve got it set up and tuned to your liking, you can use the device’s remote control to manage the snow output without any further muss or fuss. Adding the touch of snow to your Frozen theme party will ensure that your children and their guests never forget this amazing experience.

Snow machine rental also has another big advantage: Artificial snow leaves virtually no residue to clean up. Don’t worry about having to dig yourself out of a snowbank at the end of the party, as the snow machine creates only beautiful snow that doesn’t stick or gather. It’s there while it falls, and gone seconds later.

For more information about how a snow machine rental can make your next Frozen themed party incredible, please visit or contact us at 800.439.2939.

May 12, 2014
Foam Parties

Foam Party Tips: Your Venue

Planning a foam party is more than just finding the perfect high output foam machine. Finding the perfect venue to host your party can be the biggest challenge. The great news is there are many options both indoors and outdoors and the following tips and tricks will help create the perfect event!

Indoor Foam Parties:

foam parties rentalsIndoor events pose the toughest challenge. All foam is water based and it is imperative that anything that is water sensitive is removed or covered from your venue. Wood floors, plaster walls, immovable ground speakers, etc. all can prove to be obstacles to the perfect foam party. Foam pits are often thought of as the answer. However, inflatable foam pits are often a poor choice. They are limiting in size, often leak, and can be slippery when wet. Flooring and walls that are not water sensitive such as tile, concrete, brick, block, or linoleum, do not need to be covered. For those surfaces that do need to be covered, plastic sheeting creates a perfect customized enclosure over anything that is water sensitive. Plastic sheeting is sold in rolls of many sizes in any home store such as Lowes and/or Home Depot. The seams of this sheeting can be sealed with normal Duct Tape.

Now that you have protected sensitive areas for your foam party, we would like to share a tip that we have been using for years. We use carpet padding to create a layer on top of plastic sheeting or other more slick flooring. This creates a padded, rubbery non-slip, and absorbent flooring layer. Often times, if you ask local carpet stores, they can even save their used carpet padding for you for free. Following your event, this padding can be easily thrown away for a quick foam party cleanup.

Outdoor Foam Parties:

14 foam machine rentalOutdoor foam parties are often logistically easier than indoor venues. There are plenty of places that you can hang a foam machine outdoors including a truss, a tree, a balcony, ladders, or tents. By far, our favorite location for an outdoor foam event is in a tent. This creates a perfect sized enclosure that you can also hang the foam machine and/or lights from. To save money on tent rentals, often times our customers will have walls put on the tent but request that the ceiling tarp be left off. This will create an amazing open aired venue for your foam party.

Outdoor events can be done in parking lots, patios, basketball or tennis courts, beaches, pools, or even back yards.

May 5, 2014
Light Rentals

Using Light Rentals to Change the Look of Any Event

There are many ways to throw a memorable party, but exceeding expectations is the best method in existence. We have the missing ingredient for your upcoming event. From laser light rentals to black lights and LED displays, you have a variety of tools to put to work and create a lasting impression on any audience. When you have the right visual display, there are few things to stop your party from being a hit.

How can LED light rentals change the game at an event? You can customize the colors and patterns of the lighting available to suit any crowd you expect. Party planners use these tools when they want to add a unique aspect to parties held in familiar places. If you are renting a space from a school or municipality, black light rentals and other visual changes can make your guests forget where they are. As you probably know, creating an image of an alternate reality is the best thing a party planner can do.

April 29, 2014
fog machines for rent

How to Turn an Event into a Party for the Ages

Is your annual summer party showing declining interest? Whether it’s Memorial Day, Labor Day, or any other great event held in warm weather, there are guaranteed ways to draw in bigger crowds and start the buzz all across your area. Foam machines for rent is the first step. When you throw a foam party in any outdoor setting, you turn a regular party into an exotic extravaganza – something your friends will remember forever, and can’t wait to see what you do next!

Using physical effects to enhance a party is an old trick of successful party promoters. Young people love it when you pick up foam machines for rent and turn an event into a party for the ages. Blank Extreme Entertainment can bring you these machines at a great price. The only question is how well you can spread the word. Our fog machines for rent are another excellent way to boost attendance at your party and change the way people see your events.

April 23, 2014
Foam Party Rental

Foam Machine Special Pricing!

This foam party season, we are excited to offer a limited time significant discount on all foam machine rentals. Our high output foam machine rental units are already an incredible value. They include all of the foam fluid to run for 4-5 hours continuously, one of our powerful machines that can fill a half basketball court sized area, and FREE delivery to your location. Now this foam rental package is discounted to only $495 with no additional taxes nor deposits.

April 7, 2014
Foam Machines on Dr. Oz

Our Foam Machines on Dr. Oz!

Blank Extreme Entertainment was thrilled to be tasked with providing foam machine rentals for the Dr. Oz show. They rented foam machines as a prop in one of Dr. Oz’s elaborate demonstrations. While not for use in a foam party, our machines are often used to create incredible visuals in photography, film, and in this case television. This non-traditional foam display was a hit and we were excited to be a part of their production. As always, foam rentals are available nationwide with free shipping to your location and high quality foam party fluid included.

March 13, 2014

We Rent Nationwide!

As a nationwide rental company, we specialize in providing high quality equipment with Free shipping anywhere in the US. We can also provide expedited shipping including next day and even same day services. See some maps with some of our recent event locations from the last year. Your blacklight, foam machine, snow machine, or laser is only a call away. Contact us anytime to rent at 1-800-439-2939 or through our Contact Page.

February 22, 2014
exit 66-4

Foam Frenzy Fluid Is Fantastic!

Blank Extreme Entertainment is proud to offer the best Foam Solution in the nation. Our Foam Frenzy Fluid is formulated and manufactured by our subsidiary This solution is extremely concentrated, non-toxic, pH balanced, non-toxic, and has no added scents nor colors making it extremely mild. It is the secret behind our foam machine’s extremely high output. We are thrilled to provide this high quality foam liquid exclusively with every foam machine rental!

December 23, 2013

Debut of Our Snow Machine Rental Trailer

At Blank Extreme Entertainment, we rent Snow Machines Nationwide. We challenged the Creative team of Jeffrey Blank and Marcus Johannes to make something magical with our high output snow machine rentals. As always, they did not disappoint.

January 5, 2013
Blacklight Dodgeball Games

Blacklight Dodgeball is the Latest Craze!

Blacklight Dodgeball games are picking up in youth groups, schools, intern-murals, and family fun centers around the nation. With basic fluorescent balls, some neon tape for court lines and creative uniforms out of white shirts and fluorescent highlighters, anyone can take dodgeball to the next level.

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