Foam Machine Rentals

“Our Newest High Output Foam Machine”

All foam machine rentals include a HIGH output foam machine, sump pump, hanging chain, specially formulated foam party fluid concentrate for over 4 hours of foam, and FREE Nationwide shipping to your location.  Each unit can fill an amazing half-basketball court sized area with foam in just minutes.

Special – Now Just $495!

(Limited Time Only, Regular Price $675)

  • Foam Output: Each machine can fill up to a 40’x40′ area depending on your usage.
  • Fluid Ratio: 150 to 1 Mixture. 150 gallons water: 1 gallon fluid (Extra easy instructions included!)
  • Fluid Use: One bucket of foam party concentrate lasts 4+ hrs. (Container used to hold liquid not provided)
  • Ultra Strong Handle for hanging the machine. (hanging chain included)
  • Foam Machine Electrical Supply: standard 110v – 11 amps
  • Sump pump: Pumps to 15′ high (best output at approx. 7′-10′ high)
  • What’s Included: High Output Foam Machine, Sump Pump, Hanging Chain, Foam Fluid, Easy to use instructions
  • Free Shipping on all Foam Party Machine Rentals Nationwide
  • Foam Solution: Premium, Non-Toxic, Hypo-Allergenic, pH Balanced, no additional colors nor scents, and biodegradable
  • Type of Fluid: High density foam fluid concentrate
  • Unit Weight: 45 lbs

Renting is easy. We include Free ground shipping Nationwide. We will ship the unit(s) to you so they arrive a couple of days prior to your event at no extra charge. If you need expedited shipping for a last minute order, we can provide that as well. On the next business day following your event, you can place the unit(s) in the same padded packaging they arrived in, and ship them back to us. It is that simple.

To get things started, you can contact us with our CONTACT FORM, by EMAIL, or by calling us at 1-800-439-2939.