Hold Your Black Light Event this Spring

February 17, 2016
Black Light Events

Hold Your Black Light Event this Spring

Springtime is almost upon us. The weather is still cold in most of the country, but it will soon be getting warmer again. If you have a birthday coming up and are in festive mood, why not add a touch of major fun by adding black lights to your event. Black lights add uniqueness to your event and make it more memorable! In this article, we outline some of the benefits of using black lights to enhance any event!

Suitable for a variety of events

Black lighting works well for many event types. From theme parties and disco events to theatrical stages and niche dinner functions, there are many possibilities for black lighting! The resulting “glow in the dark” effect can add a truly unique vibe to any event. It will make anything that is fluorescent, neon, or even bright white fabrics glow like crazy!

Brighter lighting than other rentals

At Blank Extreme Entertainment, our lights are ten times more powerful than standard UV fluorescents and shine UV light up to 60ft! This means that they are perfectly suited for usage in larger scale venues.

Reasonable pricing

We think that you’ll agree that we price our rentals very reasonably. Our black lights cost just $100 per event. Even better, US-wide shipping to your location is completely free!

The best black light company

Blank Extreme Entertainment is the largest black light rental company in the United States! Our rentals are well-known for their reliability and quality. We also offer great customer support and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have. You can contact us at 800-439-2939 or even ask a question in the comments below. The choice is yours!

Interested in a black light rental for your next event? For further information or to arrange a rental please visit www.BlankExtremeEntertainment.com or contact us at 800-439-2939.

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