Laser Rentals – Red Violet Sky

Red Violet Sky Laser RentalsLaser DJ / CLUB lighting! Blue Violet, Red, Pink w/ 58 patterns and effects! Sound Sensitive!

A Great Addition To Any DJ, Club, Bar Light Show or Foam Party!!

Price: only $150 for an event rental

(Includes FREE Shipping to your location Nationwide)

  • Features: Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Wavelength: 405nm Blue Violet, 650 nm Red
  • Cooling: Fan Cooling
  • Output Power: pro power level and brightness!
  • Control: Stand-Alone Mode, Sound Activated (Plug and Play)
  • Fog is needed to make the beams visible
  • Display Effects: Displaying laser patterns such as diffusing laser network, slowly rotating color fan, time, space tunnel and fairy flowers, liquid sky.

Renting is easy. We include Free ground shipping Nationwide. We will ship the unit(s) to you so they arrive a couple of days prior to your event at no extra charge. If you need expedited shipping for a last minute order, we can provide that as well. On the next business day following your event, you can place the unit(s) in the same padded packaging they arrived in, and ship them back to us. It is that simple.

To get things started, you can contact us with our CONTACT FORM, by EMAIL, or by calling us at 1-800-439-2939.