May 12, 2014
Foam Parties

Foam Party Tips: Your Venue

Planning a foam party is more than just finding the perfect high output foam machine. Finding the perfect venue to host your party can be the biggest challenge. The great news is there are many options both indoors and outdoors and the following tips and tricks will help create the perfect event!

Indoor Foam Parties:

foam parties rentalsIndoor events pose the toughest challenge. All foam is water based and it is imperative that anything that is water sensitive is removed or covered from your venue. Wood floors, plaster walls, immovable ground speakers, etc. all can prove to be obstacles to the perfect foam party. Foam pits are often thought of as the answer. However, inflatable foam pits are often a poor choice. They are limiting in size, often leak, and can be slippery when wet. Flooring and walls that are not water sensitive such as tile, concrete, brick, block, or linoleum, do not need to be covered. For those surfaces that do need to be covered, plastic sheeting creates a perfect customized enclosure over anything that is water sensitive. Plastic sheeting is sold in rolls of many sizes in any home store such as Lowes and/or Home Depot. The seams of this sheeting can be sealed with normal Duct Tape.

Now that you have protected sensitive areas for your foam party, we would like to share a tip that we have been using for years. We use carpet padding to create a layer on top of plastic sheeting or other more slick flooring. This creates a padded, rubbery non-slip, and absorbent flooring layer. Often times, if you ask local carpet stores, they can even save their used carpet padding for you for free. Following your event, this padding can be easily thrown away for a quick foam party cleanup.

Outdoor Foam Parties:

14 foam machine rentalOutdoor foam parties are often logistically easier than indoor venues. There are plenty of places that you can hang a foam machine outdoors including a truss, a tree, a balcony, ladders, or tents. By far, our favorite location for an outdoor foam event is in a tent. This creates a perfect sized enclosure that you can also hang the foam machine and/or lights from. To save money on tent rentals, often times our customers will have walls put on the tent but request that the ceiling tarp be left off. This will create an amazing open aired venue for your foam party.

Outdoor events can be done in parking lots, patios, basketball or tennis courts, beaches, pools, or even back yards.