The Benefits of a Snow Machine

October 13, 2014
Benefits of a Snow Machine

The Benefits of a Snow Machine

Getting the wintertime look can be an important component of many different types of events. You may be having a winter fair or a Christmas village or you might be organizing a play that takes place in the winter. This effect can set the right mood and backdrop in a variety of ways, but all of the planning in the world will not guarantee that the weather is going to cooperate. Not only that, but some of these events are held indoors where there is no chance real snowfall to create the effect. The answer to all of these events and more is to hire a snow machine rental.

Realistic snow effect

The first and most important thing about a snow machine rental is that it provides the user with an effect that looks like real snow. The artificial snow that the machine generates makes for the wintertime effect that a variety of different types of events need. Users will be amazed at just how authentic the snowfall looks and it will truly enhance the look and feel of the setting.

The machines are versatile and easy to use

With a snow machine, you also get a lot of options. You can create as much or as little snowfall as you like. If you just want a light flurry, the machine can do that. If you want to create blizzard conditions, the machines can handle that too. The user can also generate artificial snow for as long as they need to keep the snow falling. The duration of your manmade snowstorm is only limited by the amount of snow making foam that you have available. The machines are also easy to set-up and operate with a remote control for the volume of snow.

Easy to clean

The machine can provide a realistic snow effect that covers a wide area, but it leaves no hard to remove residue behind. This factor can be especially beneficial for indoor events like plays and parties. You get the effect without major aftermath to clean up. Doesn’t get better than this!

If you are planning an event that is winter themed or in need of simulated snowfall for any reason, a snow machine rental is the answer. For more information or inquiries about our snow machine rentals or any other party equipment please visit or contact us at 800.439.2939.


  • Kelli godfrey | January 12, 2015 | Reply

    If we wanted to cover a small little hill for Kids to tube down in GA, how much would that be? Or is that even realistic? Or do i need a different type of machine?

      • Blank Extreme Entertainment | February 23, 2015 | Reply

        Kelli, The units we have create a very realistic falling snow effect. While each unit can shoot up to 40ft in distance at a 20-25ft width, it will not create ground cover for ground play. -Blank Extreme Entertainment

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