Throw the Ultimate Black Light Party

May 15, 2015
Black Light Rentals

Throw the Ultimate Black Light Party

The summer is almost here, and you want to start it off right. Turn your next party into something legendary. With the help of a few special effect machines and black light rentals , you can easily create a night to remember.

Your Venue

For the best effect, choose an indoor location. A room with white walls will give you a bright glow effect. Another option would be to canvas the walls with paper. Use fluorescent or neon paint or highlighters to make your own black light designs on the paper-covered walls! Get your party guests involved in the decorating. Have spray cans in different neon colors available around the room so they can add their own artistic touch.

Party Attire

White, fluorescent, and neon colored items glow best under the black lights. Have your guests come in all white or encourage them to wear clothing and accessories with touches of white and neon. Give an old school party favorite a new twist and throw a black light Toga Party.

Accessorize Your Guests

Have neon body paint stations at the entrance to your party. Your guests can draw their own designs on their faces, arms and legs that will glow throughout the night. Have fun accessories, such as hats, glasses and boas. Glow sticks and necklaces make terrific accessories and will glow like no other under the black lights.

Drink and Eat in Style

Your party drinks and food can have their own glow effect. For a brighter glow, use glow in the dark cups and plates. Opaque neon cups will give a softer outline glow, and help you keep track of where you put your drink. Through clear or opaque cups, make your party beverages glow by using tonic water and red bull as mixers. For finger foods try cup cake tiers and use neon icing, and serve them on neon plates.

Ultimate Ambiance

Add a foam machine or a fog machine to give your party some special effects your guests will love. Let the black light give your fog a smoky glow, or add a LED light on the floor to give it a complimenting color effect. Blow up neon balloons and have a grown up ball crawl at your black light party.

This summer throw the ultimate party. Blank Extreme Entertainment is the largest black light rental company in the nation. Let the experts help you create an incredible experience your guests will never forget. For further information or inquiries please contact us at 800-439-2939 or visit

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