Why Rent a Snow Machine from Blank Extreme Entertainment?

December 28, 2015
rent a snow machine

Why Rent a Snow Machine from Blank Extreme Entertainment?

You may be aware of how artificial snow is used at theater performances or on movie sets to produce magical effects for viewers. However, this can also be a great way to make your planned event or function that much cooler for all involved! In this article, we share some reasons why you should consider turning to a snow machine rental from Blank Extreme Entertainment.

High quality snow machines

We only carry snow machines of the highest quality. Our machines are reliable, safe and efficient. In addition, the snow produced is incredibly realistic with effects from a light flurry to a heavy blizzard.

Market leader

Since establishing our company in 2004, we have become the largest snow machine rental company in the United States. We are a reputable company with many loyal and happy customers. If you are interested in renting a snow machine, you have come to the right place.

Impeccable customer service

We always strive to satisfy our customers in every way possible. Great customer service lies at the heart of our business.

Free delivery

At Blank Extreme Entertainment, all rentals are delivered to you free of charge! Also, the first gallon of snow fluid is also complimentary. We think that you’ll agree that it is a great deal!

Do you have an upcoming event or function that you would like to spruce up with a little flury? Snow machines are a cost-effective solution for making things more interesting for both you and your guests! For more information or inquiries about our snow machine rentals and other party equipment please visit www.BlankExtremeEntertainment.com or contact us at 800.439.2939.

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